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Speech Therapy

Learning to use and understand language

physical therapy

helping children move in their enviroment

feeding therapy

picky eaters vs. problem feeders

Joy & Laughter

​Developmental Therapy


Our mission is to provide children and their families with the support they need to be able to live as independently and joyfully as possible.  We believe that every child has the potential and the right to develop and grow in a nurturing and fun environment. Our aim is to create age-appropriate growth and educational opportunities that are fun and enjoyable for all.

Who We Are

        Joy & Laughter Developmental Therapy is a small pediatric therapy practice serving Santa Clara County. We specialize in Occupational Therapy, working with children of all ages and abilities. We have also, expanded to offer speech and language pathology services on a limited basis. All of our therapists work together to help each child achieve his or her greatest
      We offer services both during the week and on the weekends because we know it can be difficult to schedule therapy times in an already full work week. We also have a limited availability of evening therapy times for children who are in school during the day. 

occupational Therapy

gaining skills for independence in life


Joy & Laughter Developmental Therapy is still a new and upcoming clinic to the Bay Area, yet we see ourselves helping hundreds of families in the South Bay in the next 5 years. While Occupational Therapy is our primary focus, we plan in the near future to offer increased services to include Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and Early Intervention. 

Space is limited. To facilitate learning group ratios are kept low with 3-5 kids per teacher. While we will attempt to offer additional classes/times based on interests it is not always possible.